Irreversible by Liz Maverick



ISBN: 978-0-505-52778-3

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Katherine “Kitty” Gibbs is having a wonderful week, living a wonderful life.  Great job, great friends and a great fiancé.  Too bad she’s living this week over and over.  Unfortunately, she has no idea what’s going on.  All the people in her life are actors and her days are scheduled with fake events, designed to keep her living the status quo, the better for the experiment she’s the subject of.

But her real best friends know what is happening.  Living in the present, missing Katherine who is stuck in the past, they are desperate to get her out and away from her fake fiancé, Leonardo Kayser.  They attempt to get to her in the future, but their methods aren’t working.  So they call in an expert – Walter “Q” Sheffield, a time-anomaly specialist.

It’s Q’s job to get her out.  The plan includes him developing a relationship with Kitty, something that scares him to death.  But if they can get her to recognize him, they have a better chance of pulling her through to the present, where she belongs.

Irreversible is the sequel to the first Shomi book, WIRED.  The beginning is a bit confusing, even for someone familiar with the concepts of string theory and quantum physics.  Once you get past the first several pages covering Ms. Maverick’s version of time travel, the story takes over and is much better.  The gradual realization Kitty has of what is going on is interesting, if not entirely consistent.  Q’s attempts to understand his feelings for Kitty is sweet.  The ending, however, gets mired in too many pages explaining… well, I am not sure I understand it.  If you can get past the science, the story is a readable romance.


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