Invisible Evidence by Kelly Wallace

Linden Bay Romance


ISBN:  1-60202-019-1

Reviewed by Jambrea


Julie Simmons is a psychic.  She once worked with the police force, but the trauma of solving cases became too much forcing her to retire until she gets a call from Vincent Marcelli. 

Vincent Marcelli is a skeptic, but the detective knows the force has used Julie in the past.  When his leads fail him, he turns to Julie for help. 

Can Vincent learn to believe?  Will Julie be able to survive if something happens to the kidnap victim they are trying to find?

Invisible Evidence sneaks up on you and takes you hostage.  Julie is so strong yet fragile.  She wonít let anything get in her way of finding the kidnapped little boy, but you can see the toll it takes on her.  Vincent is strong and protective.  Julie and Vincent are a perfect combination for a hot romance.  I loved how Kelly Wallace started the story.  I donít want to give it away because you arenít sure what is happening until youíve read a little more.  This is my first of Ms. Wallaceís books, but it wonít be my last.


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