Into The Night By Caitlyn Willows

Into The Heart, Book 2

Loose Id

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-770-2

Reviewed by Chris



Archeologist Trina Tate was once the type of woman every other woman loved to hate. Gorgeous, self-assured, man-eating, ruthless, and bitchy were all valid terms used to describe her. Since an unearthly incident six months earlier in the Yucatán Peninsula, though, Trina hasn’t been herself. An enhanced sense of smell, night vision, blackouts, and a myriad of spots staining her skin are just few of the changes she’s noticed.

Wyatt Caldwell aka El-ian is Trina’s boss and a black leopard shape-shifter. Trina’s been haunting the fringes of his pack and Wyatt’s determined to find out why. It’s bad enough that the human knows about their existence. Her visible presence is simply intolerable - until he catches a whiff of Trina’s desire, and realizes something is amiss. Trina once temporarily possessed the soul of Wyatt’s lost love. Will sorting through the conflicted feelings he has for her reveal Trina to be his new lover, or just a shadow of his former one?

To add to the plot, Wyatt’s little pack has been whittled down to just thirteen members and someone or something is out to annihilate them. One of their two remaining women is murdered and the other, the survivor of a wildfire that killed her sisters, is no longer quite sane. Trina’s frightening alterations may be the key to saving the leopard shape-shifter bloodlines.

Focusing on an unsavory secondary character from the previous story, Into the Lair, Caitlyn Willows’ Into the Night has a striking redemptive note to it. Trina is truly a reformed woman. The sex between Wyatt and Trina is scalding, but there are also male-male and ménage interactions. The plot is fairly easy to decipher, however, there is a little twist that may catch the reader by surprise. This story stands alone, but without reading Into The Lair first, Trina’s actions and transformations aren’t nearly as startling. A pleasing tale, Into the Night is a satisfying addition to Ms. Willow’s leopard shape-shifter series.


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