Intimate Traitors by Astrid Amara

Loose Id

Science Fiction (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-730-6

Reviewed by Sabella



Armen Markus has a grim job within the resistance – his task has been to infiltrate the ranks of premier torturers used by the tyrannical Council and bury any sensitive information revealed about the resistance.  However, Armen has survived the unspeakable he has been forced to perform by keeping in mind the “greater good”. When Armen’s first love  - Ravi - is brought in, Armen is tempted beyond endurance to break cover and save Ravi, but will Armen be able to live with himself if he does?

 Ravi has secrets of his own to keep.  While it’s true that he was picked up in a “sweep” of insurgents for walking by a subversive rally at the wrong time, Ravi holds the key to Armen’s and the resistance’s future.  But will he survive his stay in the prison’s infamous Block B?

Intimate Traitors is a story about love lost and found within a grim environment. While the descriptions of this tyrannical world were vivid, I found most of the prose devoted to introspective monologues and not enough to the re-kindling of the romance between Armen and Ravi to be believable.  Still, the characters and the world were engaging enough to have me go looking for other works by Astrid Amara.  Intimate Traitors is an entertaining sci-fi read for those who enjoy doomsday-ish visions of an oppressive society.


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