In The Closet by Clare London

Red Rose Publishing

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60435-170-5

Reviewed by Ley




When friends and co-workers intervene, Doug Harper and Simon Patterson, office nemeses, find themselves locked in a closet where their deeply suppressed attraction to one another is unleashed.  Doug has issues with Simonís arrogant ways, while Simon finds Doug opposite demeanor to be a thorn in his side.  Will they be able to open up and show the other their true self?

In the Closet was okay but I could not fully connect with the characters.  The extremes that Doug and Simonís friends go to get these two to play nice with each other seemed a bit too extreme once I started reading the story.  I thought it would be a fun and quirky read, and on many levels it was but it was also a bit farfetched.  With that said readers looking for a lighthearted story may find some enjoyment with In The Closet.


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