Insatiable Desire by Rita Herron

The Demonborn, Book 1

Grand Central Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-0-446-19947-8

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Clarissa King is clairvoyant.  Often times she is bombarded with visions that rattle her sanity.  In her hometown, Clarissa’s visions are coming more often and are more brutal.  There is a serial killer preying on the people of her town and Clarissa is willing to do anything to solve this mystery – even rely on the FBI agent that she knew, loved, and lost so long ago.  And, if that is not bad enough, he doesn’t believe in her paranormal gifts.

Vincent Valtrez left Clarissa and his hometown a long ago.  The victim of horrendous abuse as a boy, Vincent has blocked out most of his traumatic past but he feels evil deep inside him.  Determined to find the man responsible for the strain of murders, Vincent must fight daily to keep the darkness and Clarissa at bay.

Insatiable Desire – the title alone made me stop and take a look.  Vincent’s desire for Clarissa was insatiable; although he fought a good fight.  The biggest obstacle that had to be overcome was Vincent’s refusal to believe in Clarissa’s gifts.  Once that happened, their love blossomed and their reliance upon each other became apparent.  Their fight against evil took every ounce of fortitude they have and I could not get enough of this tremendous storyline.

Insatiable is right! Unable to get enough of this exhilarating story, I found myself transfixed on what was going to happen next and consumed Insatiable Desire in one sitting.  Thrilled beyond words that Insatiable Desire is the first of a three part series, I am already awaiting the second installment!


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