Informally Yours by Beth Caudill

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Jo



Melinda Jenson works at Informally Yours, a formal wear store.  Itís Halloween night and she is just counting the time until she can leave to go to her sisterís and see her cute niece and nephew in their costumes.  Melinda is shocked when told she can leave early so long as she makes a last minute delivery.  She agrees and then discovers it is totally in the opposite direction of her sisterís house.  Melinda decides she is NOT going to disappoint her niece and nephew and goes to see them before she makes the delivery.

Connor Woodward is a lone wolf trying to locate his mate with not much luck.  However, he might have just found her.  Now Connor only has two worriesĖcan she handle the conversion and will she understand why it happened the way it did?  Melinda might be a werewolf now, but she will decide if she wants to be with Connor or not.  Now if only her heart, mind and hormones will agree with each other.

Informally Yours takes you for a walk on the furry side.  Melinda just wants to make her niece and nephew smile, so she puts them first over her delivery.  Connor has reason to believe that Melinda just might be the mate he has been looking for.  Actions speak louder than words sometimes and can make the unbelievable very true.  Iím a firm believer in choice and was therefore a bit unhappy with Connor to begin with but gave him the benefit of doubt as Melinda accepted him and came to love him.  I do think that one of the co-conspirators got off too easy but that had nothing to do with my enjoyment of Informally Yours, which I think is a nice story for that couple of hours you want to escape. 


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