Incognito by Cat Marsters

Spaceport Series

Changeling Press

Futuristic Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-59596-854-8

Reviewed by Ley



Jai couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted the missing socialite Akalis Dalerian disguised as a whore and turning tricks for credits.  Being a bounty hunter, he knew returning her to her fiancé would be a big payoff for him.  When Jai discovers the reason why Kali ran and that she is facing death if she returned, he knew he couldn’t take her back, but that wasn’t the only reason. 

Kali had good reasons for escaping her fiancé.  She’s on a mission to undo a very terrible wrong he’s done and she’s willing to sell her body to get what she needs to accomplish it.  Being captured by Jai complicates her mission in more ways than one.

Incognito has a very intense plot that will draw emotional reactions from its readers.  The story is good and well written.  Even though there is a strong connection between Jai and Kali, I felt the sex could have been toned down a bit.  Cat Marsters certainly had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what will happen next.  Incognito is full of high drama, action and a lot of sex.  I’m certain many readers will find Incognito very enjoyable.


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