In a Dark Embrace by Simone Bern

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419916717

Reviewed by Lisa



A motorcycle ride and a walk in the woods is the perfect way to relax for Lee Gibson, counselor and natural born witch who isn’t afraid of shadows and sounds in the dark.  The silent sounds in the woods turn out to be a wolf and then a man who introduces himself as Jeremy Blake, detective and werewolf.

This first encounter sparks incredible chemistry, a sexual marathon that gives Lee and Jeremy the best orgasms they’ve ever experienced.  The sex is fantastic but if they continue seeing each other they have to deal with two alpha personalities wanting to dominate, plus both bring baggage from previous relationships to the table.  In bed they are perfect but fireworks outside the bedroom may end something potentially wonderful before it even begins.

In a Dark Embrace is so much more than the usual paranormal love story.  Most stories scratch the surface when it comes to the developing emotional aspect of an evolving relationship but In a Dark Embrace focuses on Lee and Jeremy seeing the good, bad and ugly in each other.  Past romances color both characters actions and that is also something to deal with.  In a Dark Embrace is very steamy and very different in a unique exploration that works.  Different is good sometimes and In a Dark Embrace is most definitely very good.



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