Immortal Warrior by Lisa Hendrix


Historical/Paranormal/Shape Shifter

ISBN: 978-0425224540

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Former Viking now immortal warrior Ivar Graycloak is a man of honor.  He is brave and loyal.  Rewarded by his king for his valor, Ivar is given a keep, a title, and a bride for his very own.  Ivar canít turn down his kingís offer because to do so would be rude and anger his ruler.  However, Ivar has no idea how he will be able to be a husband, especially since he grows feathers and wings during the day.  Ivarís dilemma is solved for him after the wedding and the bedding Ė a soothsayer tells him of a vision so dark he vows to stay away from his wife Alaida forever.

Passionate and powerful, Immortal Warrior is a magnificent paranormal with a surprising twist.  Ivar has been sentenced to immortality but as a shape shifter.  An eagle by day and man by night, he was often lonely.  Being granted a home of his own was a dream comes true to for this strong warrior.  His wife is like a balm to his soul and he yearns for his happy ever after. 

Lisa Hendrix hits pay dirt with Immortal Warrior.  It is definitely an original take on shape shifting that is as well written as it is enticing. I canít wait for the next of this series, Immortal Outlaw!


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