Immortal Lust by Sierra Dafoe

Dark Pantheon, Book 2

Elloraís Cave

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419917769

Reviewed by Shayna



Having spent untold years being hunted and captured by men who want to use her for themselves or their own gain, Cytharea longs for freedom.  An Aphrodisian vampire, Cytharea is beautiful, hypnotic, and feeds off sexual energy to survive.  Held captive for her unearthly powers and bound in fear to a curse that is hers alone to bear, Cytharea finds comfort in the most unlikely of protectors.

Gerard díAmiers is a Templar Knight hired by Raymond du Sable, who has captured Cytharea and plans to use her to take control of Franceís throne.  Gerardís mission is to transport Cytharea to France, leaving her untouched.  For Gerard, the mission should be simple.  Heís sworn to chastity and trusts no woman.  Yet, something about Cytharea calls to him.  And when it becomes clear that Cytharea must feed off Gerardís sexual energy or die, Gerard must choose whether to honor his vows or risk everything for the possibility of passion and love beyond his wildest dreams.

Get ready for one of the sexiest vampire tales of the year with Immortal Lust.  Sierra Dafoe has delivered a most sinfully erotic story packed with danger, adventure, and romance.  Gerard was deliciously appealing and his struggle whether to give into his growing passion for Cytharea or to keep to his vow of chastity made Immortal Lust incredibly compelling.  Cytharea, the object of many a manís desire, completely endeared herself to me.  She is what she is and will do what she has to survive, but my heart went out to her for all that she had been through and the fear she lived under with the constant threat of her curse looming over her.

If I could ask for one thing, it would be more of a resolution to the story.  The book left me with a feeling of ďWhatís next?Ē when it came to the hero and heroine.  Yet, all in all, I adored Immortal Lust.  It was engaging, sensual, and highly entertaining.  This was the first story Iíve read by Ms. Dafoe and it definitely will not be the last.



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