Illicit Affair by Elyssa Lynne

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419914416

Reviewed by Amelia



Kayla bears an uncanny resemblance to Princess Lysandra, which makes her the perfect bodyguard. She’s impersonating the princess while they travel from Kappa Prime to Zeta Secundus so the princess can marry the baron and secure the treaties between their two worlds. There are two problems. The Federation doesn’t want the marriage to take place. And Kayla’s former lover, Jarrod Calder, is the captain of the ship they’re traveling on.

Jarrod knows Kayla is not the princess, but nobody else does. He goes along with her impersonation, and he uses the time to get to know her, again. But when it’s all over, will she fly away, or stay in his arms.

Illicit Affair is a sexy romp through space featuring intrigue and a hot space captain. What more could lovers of futuristic romance novels ask for? Kayla is her own woman, refusing to live life on anything but her own terms, and Jarrod is just plain hunky. His uses of accouterments during love play made my eyes widen and my mouth form into an O. I may never look at some things the same again.

If you like your stories steamy and hard, this one is for you. I know it’s staying on my bookshelf for future reading pleasure.


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