Icon by Louisa Trent

Loose Id

Historical Erotic Romance, BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-59632-684-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Noci uses her mystical gifts for good.  So when she starts getting visions of Northumbria’s overlord, Taracut “The Gelded”, it’s time to prepare for the storm of change.  Taracut’s senses and soul are numb, hence the rude appellate, until he sees Noci.  For the first time, he experiences lust and passion.

After Noci is captured and imprisoned by his enemies, Taracut saves her and a bargain is struck.  The pagan temptress must submit to him in every way, or face a heretic’s death.  Taracut is warmed by this defiant young woman, driven to break and use her until he possesses her completely.  Noci finds herself succumbing to the pain and dominance of her new lord.  She willingly yields everything and anything to him.

In the end, who will become the slave and who will be the master? 

Louisa Trent introduces another saucy femme fatale who takes charge of a rough Alpha male and binds him to her through submission in Icon.   Noci is free spirited and independent, a contrast to Taracut’s reserved, priggish attitude.   The wild child seduces and enslaves the rigid, staid warrior.  In our time, Noci would be a neo-hippie artist and Taracut would be a decorated Marine with connections, status and a droll life.

If you’re faint of heart, you might want to steer clear.   This is BDSM that covers everything from exhibitionism to caging to birching, and that’s just the tip of the rod.   Still, there’s more here.  Noci and Taracut engage one another in witty and risqué banter until the sexual chemistry builds high enough to overflow a dam.  From then on, there’s no turning back and everything depraved goes, with mutual consent, of course. 

Overall, I got a kick out of this book, and it wasn’t just about the sex.  The author’s ribald narrative pokes fun at her cast of characters until I was snickering to myself going, “Hmmm…well, how about that!”  Acerbic commentary, sharp dialogue, and snarky observations about people could definitely run neck-and-neck with Shakespeare and Voltaire.   Certainly, it’s not often you read an author with enough insight into human psyche that she can utilize BDSM as the catharsis for her characters.   Throw in solid writing, visuals, and superb research and what you have is a winner.


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