Hurt by Varian Krylov

eXcessica Publishing

Ménage a Trois M/M/F

Reviewed by Ley



One of the most difficult days of her life becomes the strangest for Vanka Klimov.   On the day she has a biopsy to confirm what she already knows, she also breaks up with her boyfriend, Vanka also saves the life of a famous movie star and begins an affair unlike anything she thought she would ever be involved with.

Galen Ross is taken with Vanka the moment he met her.  Galen has a difficult time trusting and believing in people.  He has an even more difficult time getting others to trust and believe in him, especially those who love him.

Khalid seems to love those who hurt him.  Beautiful and giving to a fault, Khalid takes the abuse in hopes that one day he will get what his heart wants.

As their lives intertwine, will Vanka, Khalid and Galen find the comfort they all so much deserve or are they opening their already fragile souls to more harm.

Hurt is a heavily emotional story, I felt for these characters so much.  Vanka is a strong woman facing a huge challenge.  I felt some of her decisions were a bit rash, but I totally understood why she felt it was her only option.  Galen has a good heart but he has a very poor understanding of his lovers.  He asserted his dominance over them and made discussions that caused more hurt to the people he loved.  I couldn’t be angry with Galen because what he did he did out of love, but he was just wrong in his assessments.  Khalid owned my heart throughout this story.  Galen was the catalyst that brought this threesome together, but I felt Khalid was their glue.  Khalid had been through some unspeakable things in his lifetime and yet he was the most compassionate and emotionally giving one of the group.  I just loved him.  Hurt is definitely not a cheerful story, but it has some wonderful moments that moved me emotionally and an ending I was content with.


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