Hurricane by Moira Rogers

Last Call, Book 2

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-60521-052-0

Reviewed by Zayn



Witch Fiona Logan is cursed.  Five years ago, an ex-boyfriend cursed her to never have an orgasm and even sexual arousal has proven catastrophic.  Fiona heads to Last Call bar to find the one wizard who might be able to help break the curse, Last Call owner, Benito D'Cruze.  Benito is unavailable and Fiona needs relief—now.  She places an order from the special drinks menu where your order alerts everyone in the bar to your needs.  Fiona's drink, Hurricane: Contents under magical pressure. Experience required.

Last Call is being destroyed and Ben has to stop it.  When he sees the sexually frustrated beauty whom is causing the disturbance, Ben's hands-off-patrons policy goes out the window.  Answering the Hurricane call might save the bar but will his heart remain intact?

Moira Rogers has the amazing talent of packing lots of emotion into a single meeting.  Ben and Fiona's night of passion was explosive, literally, but tender as well.  Hurricane was a pleasure to read.  I could almost touch Ben and Fiona's happily ever after.


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