The Zone: Hot Zone by Barbara Karmazin

Loose Id

Science fiction

ISBN: 978-1-59632-384-1

Reviewed by Willow



Tarina Morrison’s assignment is to rescue a rich girl and return her to her parents to be de-programmed. All she has to do is get a full body tattoo and join an ultra-secret religious commune. Sloane Witherspoon had no idea that attending Clown School would come in so handy on an assignment. He’s the clumsy computer geek and no one is watching him too closely. Perfect way to catch the bad guy. When the two of them get together to it makes for both of them getting what they came after. With a few extra perks thrown in.

Throw together a PI, an undercover vampire, two shape shifting quantum computers and a bad guy with germ issues and you get Hot Zone. A fun way to spend some “me” time. I really liked Hot Zone. Ms Karmazin’s characters are always so real and I love spending time with them.  Hot Zone makes for a nice escape from the real world.


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