Hot Summer Nights by Bonnie Dee, Jayelle Drewry, Rusty Wicks

Liquid Silver Press

Anthology, Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59578-382-0

Reviewed by Raine



“Summer Break” by Bonnie Dee

While Josh is away for the summer, Eric and Brianne, Josh’s friend and his girlfriend, spend quite a bit of time together. However, Eric has always secretly wished Brianne was his girl and dreams of her all the time. So when Brianne comes on to him he is hard pressed to turn her away and doesn’t until Josh returns home early and finds them together.

“Summer Break” is a firecracker of a story. The heat index is off the charts. Eric is a quiet, easy to get along with guy. Brianne is a force of nature. Put them together, alone, and Eric enacts every fantasy he has had. When Josh returns home and after the initial awkwardness between the three friends, Brianne, Eric and Josh, the heat gets turned up some more.


“Summer’s Promise” by Jayelle Drewry

Delilah Jaynes is a teacher, one on break with a lonesome time looming with her two kids off to her ex-husband’s place for the summer. So she hits the pool, doing laps when John Knowles, a former light heavyweight champ, comes to ask her out yet again. After a bad first meeting Delilah has managed to avoid John’s advances. But Delilah has decided this summer is going to be different and when the right moment presents itself she gives in and accepts dinner out with the big guy.

Delilah is an excellent mom, but has forgotten how to be Delilah. John knows what he wants and that is Delilah. John is an outgoing, powerful man with an underlying sweet nature that surprises Delilah. “Summer’s Promise is a moving story. One you surely will not want to miss out on.


“Sun Kissed” by Rusty Wicks

Bess is tutoring Clay Fortin’s two young boys in the Egyptian Arabic language. After spending time with the three, Bess finds herself lusting after the widower. A trip into town and the purchase of a ring with a special stone turns her life upside down and gives her the love life only dreams are made of.

“Sun Kissed” is a paranormal story about a ring fulfilling one’s deepest desires and relieving one’s lust and as such is packed with heated scenes between Bess and Clay. The story style of switching points of view is something I do not particularly care for. The dreams that plague Bess have “Sun Kissed” switching  first person Sun Kissed  and back to third when it switches back to Bess’ reality.

Hot Summer Nights is an excellent anthology with three talented authors. “Summer Break”, “Summer’s Promise” and “Sun Kissed” are filled with hot sex and incredible love stories. Pick up these incredible stories now.


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