Hot Silk by Sharon Page

Kensington Aphrodisia


ISBN: 978-0-7582-1491-1

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Grace Hamilton was looking for a husband and thought she had found him.  However, when he takes advantage of her innocence and she finds out she was the subject of a bet, she is distraught.  Devlin Sharpe, pirate and highwayman, is there to comfort her, and in a spontaneous decision, she has a passionate night with him.

Two years later, he is still thinking of her and when the opportunity arises, he kidnaps her, intent on making up for lost time.  He wants to give her as many nights of erotic and hot sex as he possibly can.  And as much as Grace may want to deny that part of her, she desires him and enjoys herself when making love with Devlin.

Hot Silk is sizzling!  The sex is hot, creative and descriptive.  Ms. Page not only delivers the sex, the story surrounding it is enjoyable, as well.  I love historical romance, and the sex just made it hotter.  If you like your erotica wide-ranging and full of details, this book is for you!


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