Hooked by Kate Davies

Siren Publishing

Contemporary Erotic Romance

ISBN:  1-60601-131-6

Reviewed by Cassie



When Madison McIntyre is sent to the small coastal town of Westhaven, she’s terrified.  Her boss has sent her there to convince the town to allow Donovan Development to buy some property and turn the town into an upscale resort town.  Unfortunately, three others from the company have tried and failed to do that very thing.  Determined to succeed, Madison conceals her true reason for being in Westhaven.  Then she meets Dylan Edwards.


Dylan Edwards has been burned by a city woman before, so when his mother attempts to fix him up with Madison he’s not biting.  He thinks she’s too much like his ex-wife.  Once he begins to get to know her, however, he reluctantly starts to like her.  With secrets between them, however, will any future be possible?


Hooked is a fairly entertaining story, despite its clichéd big-city-woman-hiding-a-secret-agenda storyline.  Having read similar stories before, I wasn’t sure if I’d like Hooked.  Fortunately, I liked the characters.  I could sympathize with Madison’s desire to prove herself and succeed in her profession, even if I wasn’t always pleased with her methods.  I could also understand why she would want sweet, sexy single dad Dylan.  Secondary characters, such as Dylan’s interfering mother and his adorable daughter, were a nice addition.  I also enjoyed the small-town atmosphere Kate Davies created.  Hooked features a predictable storyline and doesn’t break any new ground, but it’s a sweet story and enjoyable enough to while away a summer afternoon with.      


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