Home Station on the Prairie by Kara Larson

Torquere Press

M/M Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60370-528-8, 1-60370-528-7

Reviewed by Ley



Jamie Boyd wanted desperately to become a Pony Express rider.  The closest heís come is working at a relay station taking care of the horses and supplies for the riders as they pass through. The life can be lonely when most of the time itís just him and his Pa and sometimes just him alone for days at a time.  When his father returns to the station after one of his long trips into town for supplies he brings with him a friend from Jamieís past and news that will begin a new adventure for Jamie.

Jamieís dreams come true when his father tells him heís being sworn in as a new Pony Express rider and Thad Richardson, a boyhood friend was taking Jamieís place at the relay station that was becoming a new home station.  Jamieís once unattainable but now realized dream of becoming a rider and having Thad back in his life may all be destroy by the evitable threat of war.

Home Station on the Prairie is a very interesting and knowledgeable story.  Historical romance novels that have factual focal points that intrigue me enough to want to learn more about it always fascinate me.  This was the case regarding Home Station on the Prairie. While reading this I found myself doing searches on the net to find more information about the Pony Express and other events in the story.  Kara Larson did a great job in capturing the feel of this era and blending in Jamie and Thadís story. Jamie was a terrific character and the perfect hero for this story. Home Station on the Prairie is a well thought out and very well written story with multi facetted character and subplots that will definitely hold its readerís interest.


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