Home Bound by Bonnie Dee

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN 1-59578-164-1

Reviewed by Ley



Suffering from acute agoraphobia freelance writer Monica Brennerman canít bring herself to leave her home at all.  Living alone and desperate for some type of companionship, Monica searches out online escort services.  Finding the Labors of Love escort service she decides to give them a try. When Ryan shows up at her door she canít believe her eyes.

Ryan is a college student strapped for cash.  He also has personal responsibilities and when a co-worker recommends he could make more money being an escort he figures heíll give it a try.  Getting Monica as his first assignment, Ryan is surprised when she turns out not to be the spinster type he imagines.

Ryan and Monica are two people with issues, passions and caring hearts and thatís what made Home Bound such a fascinating story.  Their relationship has an odd start but being that the two of them are not your average type of people they might not have met otherwise.  Ryan and Monica are two people trying to make it through life the best way they know how.   It isnít an easy road for them and I think thatís what kept me interested in Home Bound, that and the hot sex.  I think many readers will find Home Bound very enjoyable.


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