Hollywood Witches by Dee Dawning

eXtasy Books

Paranormal, Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-55487-174-2

Reviewed by Jo



January James, a fashion model, thinks all she is doing is going to the hottest Halloween costume party in Hollywood this year.  That is just the beginning of a new life that January will discover at the party.  Witches are make-believe, or so January thought until she meets a beautiful white witch at the party and discovers that they have a lot in common, like she could be one too.

After some misgivings, January is transformed and awakened to a world that can be everything you ever wished.  However, power is a gift and like all gifts, you should use it to help others less fortunate than yourself.  January learns this up close and personal when she helps others in her group bring down a criminal enterprise by using her gifts.

Hollywood Witches combines mythology, some paranormal aspects and a whole lot of hot sex to bring down a powerful crime boss.  The adventures that January and her friends get into are a bit zany, a bit mad-capped, a bit dangerous and a whole lot of erotic.  While January does not have a happily ever after, she is very, very happy with how things are when I left her and I have a feeling that she will be back for more adventures and maybe, just maybe that happy ending.  Hollywood Witches will take you to the edges of fantasy while firmly grounding you in the seedy side of life. 

I do want to advise readers that some of the sex scenes are female/female. 


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