Hollywood Ghosts by Veronica Wilde

Liquid Silver


ISBN:  978-1-59578-381-3

Reviewed by Jambrea


Rachel Dentley lucked into a house sitting job.  It came at a time when she desperately needed to get away.  Little does she know that the house has a history, one that may put her in danger. 

Enter two men bound and determined to keep her safe while furthering their careers.  Lorenzo Cortez wants to do a documentary on the events of the house and Dr. Zane Sullivan is a parapsychologist who has being dying to study the house.  The two men have butted heads before and now it is over a house and a woman.  Who will win?  Will Rachel have to choose?  Will any of them survive to find out? 

Hollywood Ghosts is hauntingly good.  Rachel is a great character who is in the wrong place at maybe the right time.  She struggles against her feelings for Lorenzo and when she gives in Zane enters the picture.  Two very strong men, each with their own strengths helps make this book great.  The house plays a strong role in Hollywood Ghosts and Veronica Wilde does a great job of giving me the creeps.  Ms. Wilde ghost story is romantic and disturbing at the same time making me want more. 


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