His Wicked Sins by Eve Silver



ISBN: 978-0821781296

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Beth Canham has no choice but to travel to a remote school in Yorkshire as a place of employment.  A new teacher for Burndale Academy, she looks forward to being able to send money home to her impoverished family.  When handsome Griffin Fairfax helps her on her way after being left standing in the road by her driver, Beth is attracted to him but knows that she must not act upon it.  When they arrive at her place of employment, Beth feels something or someone watching her.  Ill at ease and uncertain, Beth tries to make the best out of a bad situation.  She had no idea the big part in her life that Griffin will end up playing, least of which is lover. 

His Wicked Sins creeped me out more than once with its Gothic tone and its mysterious storyline.  Someone is killing young women in Yorkshire and I knew it was going to try for Beth. I knew it and could not stop myself from reading about it! While I knew Griffin, as the hero, couldn’t possibly be the guilty party, I couldn’t help but suspect him – especially when he and Beth became romantically involved.  His Wicked Sins is wicked all right.  It kept me from doing anything for the time it took me to read it cover to cover!



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