His Virtual Virgin by Dee Brice

Ellora’s Cave

Futuristic Erotica

ISBN: 9781419912276

Reviewed By Vicki



Jupiter and Venus decide to play matchmaker to keep Mars occupied with something other than war.

Venus picks the lovely Venusian, Celine, a sexual surrogate on Earth with the power to regenerate her virtual virginity over and over until she falls in love with the right man. 

Jupiter picks the handsome Jovian, Keefe as his man.  Keefe has a secret that he will only reveal to the woman he will spend the rest of his life with. His secret is something that would keep a smile on any woman’s face.

His Virtual Virgin had promise but the plot twist did not really ever come into play.  I was confused a couple times with the virtual room the characters were kept in, and a flashback left me confused as well.  I am hoping the next book in the series uses the characters because it really was an interesting concept.


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