His Virtual Assassin by Dee Brice

Ellora’s Cave

Futuristic Sci/Fi

ISBN: 9781418816625

Reviewed By Vicki



Connor is a sexy Jovian and he has invented a "veracity detector”, a machine designed to detect the truth.  The Marsian Government wants to alter it for their own gain, but Connor wants nothing to do with the Scheme.

Kendra is a Venusian healer and she has been recruited to keep the veracity detector safe, even if that means ignoring the oath she took to never use her powers to harm others.

Herma-Frodie are back to stir Connor and Kendra up into a sexual frenzy as they did with Kendra’s grandparents.  Can Connor and Kendra move beyond their pasts and family rivalries to find their own happy ending?

His Virtual Assassin was a bit disappointing unfortunately.  I had hoped that the plot twist in the former story would be used more in this book since the secret had been revealed, but alas it was not to be.  Herma-Frodie drove me crazy with their speech and the Marsian’s language was just as bad.  I thought His Virtual Assassin had so much promise, but there was no follow through.


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