His Very Own by Jamie Craig

Amber Allure

Amber Quill Press

M/M/F Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-347-4

Reviewed by Ley



With nothing left to hold him in New York City, Adam Roper hits the road for Florida to start a new life.  Taking a break from driving, a short rest stop in a small town leads to a chance meeting with a sweet old lady who invites him to dinner where he meets her son Scott, his wife Sasha and their daughter Colette.  What is even more peculiar than Adam having dinner at the home of a stranger and her family, is Adam going home with Scott and Sasha and never wanting to leave.

Since becoming parents and moving back to Scottís hometown, Scott and Sashaís once uninhibited social life has calmed down significantly.  Meeting Adam gives them the opportunity to revisit the wild times they used to share, and after their night of passion, they may find it very difficult to let him go.

His Very Own is good.  Itís not an overwhelming story or one thatís strong on emotions but it is pleasant and enjoyable.  The characters are very likable and the threesome works well between Scott, Sasha, and Adam, although I felt Adam needed Sasha and Scott a lot more than they needed him.  Their relationship is not outrageous or as wild as I thought it would be, itís actually very tame and family oriented.  I thought having children involved might make the situation rather sticky but it didnít. Colette is a very mature ten year old and she accepted Adamís role in her family much quicker than Adam did.  Readers looking for a satisfying story His Very Own would be the perfect choice.


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