High Noon by Rebecca Goings

Samhain Publishing

Historical Western

ISBN: 1-59998-685-X

Reviewed by Ley



When her alcoholic father lost a gambling debt Alison Williams found her home and her freedom in the hands of the corrupt Garret Sumrall.  When things look bleak for Alison the man she gave her heart to years ago, but never expected to see again, returns to save her.

Talon Holt loves Alison but he knew they could never be together.  Talon, a full-blooded Comanche, raised in the white world, believed that leaving Alison was the best thing he could do for her. He was wrong. Now he may be too late to save her from the hell her father delivered her into.

High Noon is a fantastic western with its hero, damsel in distress and evil villain. Alison and Talon are great and the overall story is sweet and emotionally moving. Even though Talon broke her heart when he left, Alison never stopped loving him.  It was the same with Talon. The years away did not lessen what he felt for Alison.  I absolutely abhorred Garret Sumrall, he had no redeeming qualities at all. He was a villain through and through.  Readers looking for a loving, action filled, story building up to a great climax, will enjoy High Noon.



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