Highland Captive by Hannah Howell


Sensual Historical

ISBN: 978-0-8217-8003-9

Reviewed by Nannette



After Aimil Mengue and her brother Leith were captured by Artair MacGuin and thrown in a dungeon, Aimil thought the worst had happened to them. She was wrong.  Artair’s brother, Parlan MacGuin is the laird of Dubhglenn. When he discovers Aimil and Leith he is furious. Although Aimil and Leith remain captives, Parlan treats them much better. Intrigued by Aimil and her magnificent horse Elfking, Parlan decides to keep them for a while. While Parlan enjoys the company of his captive, another man stews in his hatred for having lost his future bride.  Aimil is betrothed to Rory Fergueson and he will stop at nothing to take back what belongs to him. 

Highland Captive is a re- release of Hannah Howell’s Elfking’s Lady.  Highland Captive is a traditional Scottish romance where kidnappings are the norm and falling for ones sexy captor seems inevitable. Parlan is a rogue in every sense and Aimil is very innocent yet full of fire.  Their story takes many turns often leading them to similar fates. The one constant in Highland Captive is the Parlan and Aimil’s intense attraction and desire for each other.  Although they often fight for their love, and their lives, the chemistry between them remains strong.  Highland Captive is a story filled with passion, feeling, and tradition.

Please note: Highland Captive was previously re-released under the title of ElfKing’s King.


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