Highest Bidder by Lexxie Couper

Spaceport, Book 6

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-937-8

Reviewed by Lisa



An empathic mesomorph is only born once every five hundred years.  Naya Kistara, from her point of view, has the misfortune of being just such a woman.  She is able to bond with her husband to be whatever he wants in a partner, his desires and sexual preferences will become hers.  Her planet, Old Earth is trading her in marriage so that they can be admitted to the Interplanetary Alliance Council.  The marriage is interrupted however, by Mentuan slavers who take Naya.

A highly decorated former Peace-Keeper for the IAC, Dreylan Tarq is laying low these days after a horrible situation involving his deceased wife and the Premier, Pretorik Ipari.  Dreylan is tracked down and offered the chance to regain his rank by finding and returning a special woman to the IAC.

Standing on the block at the slave auction, Naya is defiant on the outside and terrified on the inside.  Naya spots the winning bidder and canít believe her eyes as this is the man she has dreamed of since hitting her puberty.  Dreylan picks up his prize and feels he somehow knows her, intimately.  How can Dreylan reconcile turning over the woman of his dreams?  How can Naya give her heart and soul to another when her future is right in front of her?

The latest Spaceport story is titled Highest Bidder, a great addition to the series.  The main characters have inner strength and the ability to overcome personal adversity in their lives.  Highest Bidder is a lovely futuristic romance written by author Lexxie Couper with humor, tenderness and some very steamy sex.  Highest Bidder is definitely an enjoyable and hot adventure!


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