Heís So Shy by Lena Matthews

Loose Id

Multicultural Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-697-2

Reviewed by Vicki



Gillian Foxe is convinced that her sexy white co-worker Lennon Wright is too shy to get himself a date. When Gillian overhears a conversation about Lennon being gay, she knows that she needs to help him find a woman, and fast.

What she does not know is that he is not shy at all, he just is waiting to get what he wants.  When Gillian realizes that Lennon wants her, she has to get over the fact that she never dates white men.  A party with open backrooms at a friendís house is all it takes to change Gillianís mind, but will Lennon convince her that he is playing for keeps.

Heís So Shy is a sexy romp filled with good comedy and good loving.  Gillianís notions on dating seem outdated at first but advice from a good friend, and her own desire, helps steer her the right way. I definitely liked this book, a good late night read.


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