Her Secret Lover by Sara Bennett

Avon Books


ISBN: 978-0-06-133689-8

Reviewed by Niki Lee



After reading the title and the back cover blurb of Her Secret Lover, I was expecting a book that focused more on the sex than on the romance.  I was happy to discover I was wrong.

Gabriel Langley pretends to hold up a coach carrying the supposed mistress of the man who stole his home, but instead he finds a woman that sparks desire in him.  Antoinette Dupre is an heiress who was sent away as a tactic in a game played by a ruthless man.  When Gabriel touches Antoinette the first time, it sets fire to them both.

Through a series of misunderstandings and secret nightly visits, the two find themselves wanting each other despite the horrible things each believes about the other.  The romance, as well as the sex, is paced very well and is completely believable.  As the story developed, the romance did, too.

Her Secret Lover was a wonderful surprise and a very enjoyable read.  It actually got better as it went on, which is not always the case in romances.


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