Helpmeet by Willa Okati

Loose Id

Futuristic Polyamorous

ISBN: 978-1-59632-612-5

Reviewed by Willow



Ko has been arrested and will be sentenced to a lifetime of slavery as a helpmeet on the prison planet Sheol IV. And he is happy about it. He has run away from the monastery and if anyone discovers whom he truly is, he will be killed. This is his only way to get away from the greed and intolerance of the monks. A life that he does not want. As soon as he can, Ko plans to run away and be free. His life is about to change.

Nori is not what she pretends to be and has been arrested for it. She only wanted to be more than what she was. Nori sees the goodness in Ko, even in the packed Tribunal holding cell and she knows instinctively that he is special. She is drawn to him and even though Ko has only ever been attracted to men, he is very much attracted to Nori. The two of them feel a kinship and draw comfort in the middle of so much misery. Their lives are about to change.

The harsh conditions on Sheol IV are familiar and ordinary to Lin Yao after twenty years. He works hard to keep what he has fought to have and only wants to be left alone. The arrival of a transport ship is about to change the way he, and everyone else on the prison planet, lives. The rule is one convict, one helpmeet but through an error, Lin Yao is assigned two…Ko and Nori. The strong physical reactions the three have for the others will turn their lives upside down.

With the arrival of the helpmeets, Lin Yao is pushed into a role he does not want and has been resisting for many years. Maneuvered into a leadership role by the head guard, Tatsuo, Lin Yao clashes with Gyen, the Tribunal Representative who also arrived on the transport ship. Lin Yao DOES NOT want to be a leader but when his helpmeets are threatened he becomes the leader he was meant to be.

I am a big fan of Ms. Okati and I was not disappointed with Helpmeet. The sex is hot, the villain needs to get a clue and the heroes come out on top. Ko, Nori and Lin Yao are strong characters and the interactions between them are awesome. Lin Yao’s dominance and Ko and Nori’s desire to take care of him and each other make this a solid relationship. The love that grows in the relationship is what propels Lin Yao to meet his destiny. This is an awesome escape from the real world.


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