Hearts Unbound by Rebecca Goings

Cursed Hearts series, book 2

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal, Time Travel

ISBN: 1-59998-680-9

Reviewed by Ley



Given a second chance at life Jareth Moreland was returned to the time before he became a vampire.  His soul was alive again as he returned to the then past, centuries before he was killed while trying to destroy his own brother. Faced with truths and deceptions Jared will need to determine what path his second chance will take.

Jareth was given this second chance through witchcraft by the woman he loves sister. Jessica has loved Jareth all her life, when she was made aware of his impending death she reached through centuries to save him.  To save Jareth and return him to the past she bonded him to her as her soul mate.  Jareth was not happy with the bond when he still believed Cassandra was the one he loved, but he couldn’t deny he wanted Jessica too.  When faced with the evil witch Morana who was the antagonist in all of this, Jareth and Jessica will risk everything to protect each other.

Hearts Unbound was a very exciting story with many twists and turns that kept me captivated.  Hearts Unbound the sequel to Hearts Eternal, accomplished a magnificent feat by making Jareth, a nasty villain into someone I could like.  Although I think the true hero of the story was Jessica.  She was a strong character and even though she deserved better than Jareth, I really did love those two together. Hearts Unbound was a really good read.  I especially liked the epilogue; it was the perfect wrap up to the series. 


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