Heart of the Bear by Cindy Spencer Pape

Guardian Investigations Series, Book One



ISBN:  978-1-906590-69-7

Reviewed by Jambrea



Hannah Lightfoot needs to make a decision about her future as a detective.  Her psychic abilities were questioned putting her life in danger on the job.  Her leave is up and Hannah needs to figure out if she wants to continue with the department.  Arriving at the family cabin she is surprised to find a naked man. 

Evan Maddox is using his partnerís cabin for a little R & R when in walks his partnerís sister.

Sparks fly, but are interrupted when a child goes missing.  Can the two work together?  Will Hannah trust that Evan will believe in her?   Will Evanís secret tear them apart?

Cindy Spencer Pape always makes me want more and Heart of the Bear is no exception.  Hannah has a rough road ahead of her and it only gets worse when she runs into Evan because he has secrets that she might not be able to handle.  She trusts him because of her brother.  Evan knows all about Hannah and he isnít scared, he just wants her.  Hannah and Evan are scorching hot and I loved the faith and trust Evan showed Hannah.  Donít hibernate; go buy Heart of the Bear while I wait not so patiently for book two.


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