Heart and Soul by Ashley Ladd

Total-e-bound Publishing

Contemporary, Mťnage, M/M, M/F

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Mischa Bennett was ecstatic about marrying Steve Krashin, the man of her dreams.  Everything was perfect between them until he revealed that he had another lover, Vin.    Heartbroken and betrayed, Mischa struggles to overcome her feelings for Steve.   She needs to move on and forget about him.  Steve loves Mischa with all his heart.  He refuses to give up on what they had because he knows that she still loves him.

Will Mischa be able to overcome her anger and pain to trust Steve enough to resume their relationship?  Is Steve willing to give up Vin to win her back and keep her?

Youíll have to read Heart and Soul to find out what happens.   Ashley Ladd did such a great job telling Mischa and Steveís story that I sympathized with everyone involved in this merry-go-round of girl-meets-boy-that-loves-boy.  I didnít appreciate the way Steve told Mischa about Vin, so I was glad when he had to work extra hard. Still, he was more forthcoming than many people are about their feelings and choices.  It showed how much guts and fortitude he had.   Mischa puts on a brave face, and is assertive yet itís a no win situation.

The story examines the familial side of poly relationships, and succeeds in placing these characters in very realistic situations.  Step by step, they overcome each challenge.  It reminds us that the complexities of love and monogamy arenít as simple as weíd like to believe. Mischa is used as a vehicle to exploring the avenues of the heart, and alternatives where no one has to suffer by committing to whatís viewed as social norms.   

Heart and Soul is an emotional and sexually racy tale spun from a nontraditional thread.  That makes it original.  Iím canít vouch for how anyone would feel in Mischaís place, although in every bit of fiction thereís a touch of real life.  However, itís best left to the perspective and opinion of the reader.  As for me, I strongly suggest reading this story if you can dive into a variation on modern love with a hot new kick.


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