Head Over Heels by Lena Matthews 

A Cinderella Story

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-233-1

Reviewed by Nellie



Cyn Elder had planned a quiet night at home, but those plans were derailed when her friends dragged her to a new night club where she met prince charming. As a silent partner for the club, Parker Maguire wanted to see the fruits of his investment but soon met a fiery and sassy Cyn having words with his bouncer. Their priorities shifted as Cyn and Parker got to know each other but there was a threat to their relationship in the form of two lazy daughters of her dadís girlfriend who were plotting the demise of this new relationship.

A Cinderella Story had all the ingredients of the original version but came to life into a twenty first century happy ever after fairy tale. From two lazy daughters from the step-motherís side, to the hardworking princess, fairy god mother, the ball and yes, the glass slipper. In reading the story, I liked the fact that my mind was busy piecing together and waiting in anticipation of what scene was coming up next or how it was portrayed.



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