Headless Horseman by Marteeka Karland


Changeling Press

Paranormal, HFN

ISBN: 978-1-59596-554-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Isabelle Crane kept downing drinks all night to help conquer her Halloween fears.  The liquid courage from the Flying Broomsticks tossed her commonsense out the window.   Walking home by herself wasnít a smart idea, especially with her phobia stemming from the Crane family ties to an old legend.   So when she spots a lone headless figure sitting on a horse in the distance, itís literally a do-or-die situation.  So what should she do?

Iím a Sleepy Hollow fan and will be the first to admit I had visions of Johnny Depp on the brain, not the Headless Horseman.   Chris Walken was downright brutal and scary in that movie!  Still, it was worth a peek to see in what direction this story would go.  Marteeka Karland is hella wicked with the hot protoplasmic loving once Isabelle and the Crane family stalker become better acquainted.   Mix in a liberal dose of humor and it all comes together just fine. I was glad that Isabelle was drunk as a skunk because Mr. Headless never once kissed her due to his uh, disability.  Thankfully for Isabelle, everything else he had was in excellent working order!  For the most part, this author showed remarkable skill and imagination to pull off this kind of ghost story, which is classified as scary not sexy. 


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