Happily Ever After by Rochelle Alers
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0786000647
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



For the past five years, Lauren Taylor had been keeping a secret from her ex-husband, Cal Samuels.  And, if it had not been for a will reading, Cal would have never discovered her secret.

A father!  Thanks to his deceased grandfather, Cal Samuels learned that he had a son.  Four missed years out of his sonís life Ė well no more!  Cal was determined to be a part of his sonís life.  And, it didnít hurt matters that Calís grandfather left a potion of his monetary legacy to his great-grandson with the stipulation that in order to collect, Cal and Lauren had to marry within sixty days and remain married for an entire year.

Happily Ever After Ė oh what a fantastic title!  With a label like that, I knew that I was in for a great romantic treat.  This story was jam-packed with emotional turmoil and a love that never truly died.  Here was a couple, living in the moment on a romantic island, who got married too quickly without any thoughts of tomorrow.  Once Lauren arrived back home and reality struck, she had second thoughts and realized that marriage was not something that she really wanted.  And, because Cal loved Lauren with all his heart, he couldnít force her to remain in an unwanted marriage.  Now, five years later things had changed and this time Cal was determined to hold onto Lauren and his son by any means necessary.  Fans who get pleasure from Ďa second chance at loveí type of story will find Happily Ever After a heartwarming, enjoyable read.  By the end of Happily Ever After I was smiling with glee and very happy with the outcome.


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