Hand-Dipped Pleasure by Leannan Mac Llyr

Elloraís Cave

Erotica/Very light bdsm

ISBN: 9781419916151

Reviewed by Tanya



Yet again Tasha is left waiting and she might run behind on her deliveries.  Why did she ever let sexy Dale talk her into his being her first stop?  Probably because he is sexy Dale, even if he is ten years her junior.  So she decides to confront him when she finds his door open.  What she doesnít expect is to find his luscious, naked, body in bed.  Now the fun may just begin.

Dale knows that Tasha is one spicy woman but can he get her to see it also?  And will she play submissive to his dominant, especially as she is older than him?

Hand-Dipped Pleasure is a super erotically charged story that will make you look at strawberries and sigh, at the potential.  I found it interesting that Ms. Mac Llyr also pointed out a hang up that women have that men donít, they donít care if the woman they lust after is younger or not (as long as they are legal).  But, women seem to worry about this and I love stories like this one that breaks through the stereotype.  I had fun with this fast paced and fun read, and think you will also.  Great summer pick me up.


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