Halloween Treats Anthology by Veronica Wilde, AJ Hampton and Tiffany Aaron

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Reviewed by Elysia



"It’s A Wonderful Fright” by Veronica Wilde

Willow is a witch. A good witch, and tonight the man of her dreams is taking her on a date. What more can a girl want? But when everything goes wrong, and another witch bespells her man, Willow decides it’s time to stop being the good little witch, and take things into her own hands. But before she can make a drastic mistake, a pair of interfering ghosts take matters into their own hands.

I was entranced by “It’s a Wonderful Fright” by Veronica Wilde.  The “Wonderful Life” theme with a Halloween Twist was done in an innovative and fun way.   I can’t say much without giving the story away, but I enjoyed it.  Drake was a good man, and someone that any witch or woman would be happy to have on her side.


"Familiar Magic” by AJ Hampton

Trent is in love with Samantha, the owner of the local bar, but he can’t tell her that. He is an Enforcer, and Enforcers live dangerous lives. It’s better to stay away from her, despite the fact he knows she is the girl for him. Sam is in love with Trent, but has yet to make a move toward him. After all, how do you tell a man that she is his soul mate and they are destined to be together forever?

I am not usually a fan of alpha males, and Trent is definitely an alpha male. To me a good alpha male is one that can give and take, that can be true to himself but also be what the heroine needs.  Trent is one of those.  “Familiar Magic” by AJ Hampton has hot sex scenes, thorough descriptions, and the way she explained the magic entwining and mixing impressive. I only wish I could write as well.


”Zombies Are People Too” by Tiffany Aaron

Tarsala is being sued by Chris’ sister in law, on behalf of the organization Zombies Are People, Too. Chris doesn’t agree with it, but he isn’t overly fond of either woman. That is until Tarsala continues to intrigue him at every turn. Pretty soon he can’t wait to spend more time with her. Tarsala knows what she wants and she goes for it, and she makes no apologies. If that includes not only finding the perpetrator that started the Zombie virus, as well as wanting Chris between her legs, then she’ll be damned if she lets anyone stop her.

As you can probably tell by the title, some of “Zombies Are People, Too” by Tiffany Aaron needed to be read tongue-in-cheek. The solving of the mystery wasn’t real drawn out, or even believable, but I found myself not really caring, as it wasn’t that important to the story, if you ask me. The way Tarsala intrigued and eventually hooked the big fish was the true story.  It was nice to see a hero in distress as well as a kick ass heroine. I also have to give kudos to Ms Aaron for the name of the city the story took place in, if nothing else. This one gave me a smile.

Halloween Treats was definitely a nice surprise for me. I have read some anthologies recently that seemed uneven. Some of the stories thrilling me while others made me want to throw the book against the wall. This one was definitely not one of those. From beginning to end I enjoyed myself immensely. I loved the authors’ writing styles, the characters and the heroes themselves.  I will definitely be looking for more books by each author as well as the publisher itself.


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