Hair by Sharon Bloodstone

Amber Allure

Amber Quill Press


ISBN: 978-1-60272-317-7

Reviewed by Raine



Bobby Salem is a hair stylist who happens to have some clients who hob-nob with “the right” people on Broadway. When Bobby hears a part has just come and gone that his boyfriend Ricky would have been perfect for, Bobby has to wonder what direction Ricky’s life has taken. Ricky’s night job of bartending to pay the bills had taken over his life with drinking and partying.

As chance has it one of Bobby’s clients is willing to give Ricky a shot. In the process of readying himself for it,it is announced Hair is coming, a show Ricky  has wanted to star in since he was young. In his focus to condition himself again for the stage, his relationship with Bobby gets put on hold and Bobby begins to wonder if Ricky will still want him after he works with Broadway stars.

Bobby strikes me as this composed-always has it together character. While Ricky appears to be a selfish individual. Appearances can be deceiving. While Bobby supports his boyfriend in every way he knows how he has insecurities about losing his lover. Ricky on the other hand is not really selfish, he has just given up and gotten lost in the sea of everyday events we call life. Hair is a great story about loved ones helping each other, listening and coming out on top at the end.


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