Grounded by Rie McGaha

Noble Romance Publishing

Paranormal Fantasy

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Patty James is on her way home after losing her job when she is knocked down by rude teenagers, dropping everything she’s carrying in the street, and breaking the heel of her shoe.  The only person willing to stop and help her is the finest man she’s ever seen in her life!  She doesn’t have a hope of seeing him again until he shows up at her front door.

Dionysus, God of Wine and Revelry, is the ultimate bad boy.  He works hard, plays hard, and has done so for hundreds of years.  Something about Patty makes him pause.  He begins to question his hedonistic lifestyle.   Dionysus understands lust, but would he know love if it hit him?

Grounded is a solidly written story from start to finish.   Dionysus and Patty are both likeable.  There’s humor, loads of sass, and mad sex.   The only problem for me was that it lacked originality.   Still, this cute story has appeal, and like personality, that goes a long way for many readers.


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