Graphic Intentions by Patricia Oshier Bruening

loveyoudivine Alterotica


ISBN: 978-1-60054-246-6

Reviewed by Ley



Inspiration is found when least expected, so graphic novelist Scott Delaney discovered.  Seeing the lone figured hunched over his cup of coffee blasted away Scottís wall of writerís block and flooded him with creativity.  When he found his source of inspiration standing over his table and introducing himself, the intriguing Derek Reinhart awakened more than Scottís creative juices.

Derek couldnít see why anyone would find him inspiring, especially someone like Scott.  Derek was amazed Scott could see past his scars and want to be friends, but Derek wonder if he would still want to be friends once he found out Derek was gay and discover the truth behind his scars.

Graphic Intention has a great storyline and really interesting characters but I felt the author didnít pull the story together very well.  I didnít feel a strong connection between Derek and Scott and I also felt the baggage and guilt the two carried around may be too much for their fragile relationship.  Graphic Intentions didnít connect with me but other readers may find it more to their liking.


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