Gotcha! by Shara Bloodstone
Amber Allure

Amber Quill Press

Contemporary Erotica

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-143-2

Reviewed By Vicki



Sienna Selinger has moved to Florida to get away from her ex-boyfriend who was not only cheating on her, but had tied her up to a bed, and then while she was blindfolded, left to go buy coffee.  While the options looked wide open to find a nice guy to hook up with, the eye candy left much to be desired.

Dominic Knossos is a motorcycle hottie that knows he is hot, unfortunately he is hiding the fact that he has a rich fiancée keeping him in the comforts of life.  Sienna has a plan to trap Dominic and show his fiancée what he is up to, but she needs to make sure Dominic does not find out about her new lover to make it work.

Cassie Hart, fellow Tiki Bar maid and schoolteacher befriends Sienna at work, then one night Cassie admits that she prefers women to men.  When Cassie urges Sienna to try a different flavor Sienna finds herself hooked.

Gotcha! Is a good read but I did not really get the whole thing with Dominic.  I don’t know that the whole revenge thing was needed.  I did like the story between Cassie and Sienna though; I thought it was a good ending for them. 


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