Good Intentions by Rebecca Williams

Liquid Silver Books

Interracial Contemporary

ISBN: 1-59578-209-5

Reviewed by Vicki



Jarrah Donaldson has inherited a new home where she intends to live for today.  When she arrives, she is surprised by a large dog, and even more surprised with how much she is attracted to the dog’s sexy owner.

Twain Morgan just wants to be left alone.  The last thing he wants is someone ruining the peace in his life.  He is still mourning the loss of his wife and people just complicate things.  Jarrah seems like a distraction at first, but then he finds himself looking forward to their time together.

Good Intentions was a fairly decent read. The characters had depth and the chemistry between the two was hot.  Unfortunately, the last twenty pages or so before the epilogue seemed forced to me.  The characters had just had a touching scene and it felt done to me, and then there was more to read.  The epilogue fit back in with Good Intentions and so it ended on a good note. 


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