God Style Temptation by Taige Crenshaw

Ellora’s Cave

Fantasy, Paranormal

ISBN: 9781419912580

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Lately, Aurora Garrwick hasn’t been able to do anything in peace.  Not since she helped an injured woman calling herself Aphrodite, former Goddess of Love.    When Aphrodite offers Aurora a reward, she flippantly requests a househusband that’s good both inside and outside the bedroom.  The goddess’ son, Claude aka Cupid, shows his appreciation by flooding Aurora’s life with eligible men that fit her “criteria.”  Aurora doesn’t want or need his help, and when Cupid’s pushiness becomes excessive, she sets out to confront him.   Unfortunately, Aurora finds herself in an accident but is saved by mouthwatering god Nigel Ha’gan.

Nigel is a retired god stuck in a daily rut, so when Aurora shows up unexpectedly, he’s shaken from his pleasant—but boring—routine.  There’s no denying the instant attraction, and Nigel’s wise enough to let things take their natural course.  His love life has been on the back burner, and he’s more than ready to take the plunge with Aurora.   Still, he’s aware that she’s suffering commitment phobia.   It’s a good thing he’s not willing to back down from a challenge.  Aurora is that and much more to him.

Taige Crenshaw impressed me with her sassy narrative and charismatic characters.  God Style Temptation is a bouncing ball of humor and heat.   This story gets the prize for inventive sexual choreography!   Plus the plot is—well, cute.

Aurora was a hard sell, yet unable resist to Nigel’s persuasion.  I had to admire her assertiveness.  Nigel is mega sexy and a force to be reckoned with on every level.  It wasn’t fair, and I was glad that she didn’t stand a chance against his tender siege.  Her vulnerability and dedication to her career made me want to side with Cupid/Claude and assist.  This author does a splendid job of bringing two passionate individuals together.  I’d say I got my holiday timeshare in reading.


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