Glamour Puss by Rose Middleton

Liquid Silver


ISBN:  978-1-59578-353-0

Reviewed by Jambrea



Ellie Bassi is undercover in the fashion world tracking a killer.  Her suspect?  Model Liam Knox.  She is attracted to him and trying to fight temptation, but Liam doesnít make it easy for her.  As things start to heat up, Ellie could be the next victim. 

Liam Knox wants Ellie in the worst way.  Just how bad does he want her?   Will he kill for it?

Glamour Puss rocks the cat walk!  I loved the look into the fashion world and I think Rose Middleton did a great job of combining the police work and the fashion world.  It was very believable to me making Glamour Puss a fun read.  Liam is just too hot for words and he gets what he wants.  I enjoyed watching him go after Ellie.  She didnít know what hit her and her struggle over his guilt and innocence was very real for me.  Iíve enjoyed Ms. Middletonís work before and Iím sure I will again.


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