Ghost of a Chance by Jade Falconer



ISBN 978-1-59426-656-0

Reviewed by Cassie



American Ryan Legato is astonished to find he’s inherited a castle in Scotland, as well as an earldom.  Once he reaches Elginshire and finds no one waiting to give him a ride to his new home, he goes into a nearby pub.  There he meets another American, bartender James.  James offers to give him a ride.  After they tour part of the castle, Ryan invites James to stay.  Ryan is attracted to James, but he knows the man is probably straight.  On top of that, he has to deal with learning his new duties and finding out the castle is haunted by several ghosts, at least one of which doesn’t seem to want him there.  Can Ryan figure out what the ghosts want before it’s too late?

Ghost of a Chance is a cute fish-out-of-water story with ghosts added in for a little spice.  I couldn’t help but like Ryan, who’s unapologetic about what he is—a gay, tattooed California boy who has no idea what he’s doing as an Earl in Scotland.  I felt for him when he tried to hide his growing feelings for James and just stay friends.  It would have been nice to get more of a window into James’ feelings.  There were a few scenes told from his point of view, but more would have been nice in my opinion.  The haunting subplot was interesting, even if one of the ghosts was a bit over the top.  If you like ghosts and will they/won’t they stories, Ghost of a Chance is a fun story with a nice romance. 


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