Gates of Paradise by Tannia Xander



ISBN: 978-1-44587-156-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Ailana is on the run.  She recently lost her mother to suicide and now her controlling father is set to have her marry a man more than twice her age that just happens to be a criminal associate of his.  All three of these items have Ailana in shock but to preserve herself, she is running.  She thinks she is done for when she falls while crossing a stream, only to find two gorgeous hunks at her rescue when she becomes conscious again.

Griffin and Dracen are drawn to the cute but courageous woman.  When they hear what she is running from they vow to protect her and take her to their home land.  But, to do this they will have to make sure that their job of protecting the gates of Paradise during the Sabbat is also taken care of.  So they scout to see if she is the only one that has come through the veil and find that her pursuers are still hot on her trail.  Now they must move quickly.

Can they protect her from the evil in pursuit?  More importantly will she accept the men as mates, and not be afraid that they will both want her? Will she have to choose?

Ms. Xander has woven another tale that pulls you into her wonderful imagination.  While there is a triad reminiscent of many of her previous stories this one is based on Earth, with a little side trip to a bit of another dimension.  Aliana seems to be a bit slow figuring out that Griff and Drace are as attracted to her (if not more) than she is to them,  But, as Ms. Xander has her running for her life it might have been a bit distracting, not to mention to two hunky guys.  I am a fan of Ms. Xander and Gates of Paradise does not change that fact.  I found the story well written and the plot line tied together well but, I do not think it is her best stand alone story.  That being said, I still found Gates of Paradise a fun and quick read.



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